How To Use Technology in Education

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Technology is everywhere, almost entwined in just about every field of working. It affects how we live, work, play, and most importantly learn. Mobile phones, laptops along with other wireless devices are becoming an increasing necessity across every industry. Though, traditional classroom teaching may still be prevalent, many educational institutions are coming forward in embracing new technologies.

There are various innovative technologies in education ideas to use in the classroom that is transforming the world of education

  • Virtual Tour for Students  As post COVID, it is difficult to arrange an educational trip or tour for students, you can arrange a virtual tour to explore the knowledge as well as add information about faraway places, processes or events. This can help them connect easily with learning objectives. You can promptly discuss what they’re looking forward to, boosting excitement levels for the trip, through visual media you can preview destinations or other relevant sites.
  • Online Videos  Watching videos helps in remembering key concepts longer than reading. Online videos including YouTube, G drive, Google classrooms etc. are easy to share with a class. Now a days so many video apps help you record digital whiteboard explainers, classroom activities, peer presentations as videos.

Adding videos to your classroom help to connect with visual learners, allowing them to learn at their own pace. Besides, you could establish a deeper connection with your students. They can comprehend with better clarity through videos for enhanced understanding.

  • Use of Social Media   Social media is not only for grownups, students can also use the social media to gain knowledge. By using hash tags, you can encourage students to tweet their inquiries, academic doubts, homework assignments, presentations etc.
  • Use Virtual Manipulatives  Visualizing mathematical concepts is difficult. Reinforcing mathematical concepts with virtual manipulatives allows students to understand complex concepts. Therefore, incorporating the use of virtual manipulatives in classrooms is not only comfortable but also appeals to hands-on learners as well.
  • Gamification  Learning through play is the best way to teach students. This truly applies to all the students. When a complex concept is taught in the form of games, it firmly sets the foundation. Gamification forges an emotional connection. …Teachers can ask students to make groups and collaborate with each other while learning and playing. In this way these students can work as a team and perform their activities and learn easily.
  • Schedule Online Classes  As during these crisis it is difficult for Google Calendar helps you create and share a class calendar, these will help your students informed about the class, duration, and important dates of classes as per subject. Therefore, emailing your calendar’s hyperlink to your students will do wonders. This will help you stay organized, in turn, make students come prepared for each class.

There are lots of innovative ideas and techniques available to teach and engage students, by finding the best techniques suited as per your students and implement the same will reap more benefits to students.

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  • Thank you for this inspiring and challenging observation. It also shows many education technology possibilities.

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