Computer Based Early Learning Programs are more Beneficial to Children!

Computer-based early learning programs are more beneficial to children!


As we progress with the help of technology so will our generation of young learners. Researchers at the Utah State University, USA have evaluated those childrenwho go through computer-based early learning programs. The results indicate that those children fare significantly better in secondary and higher secondary school. Their reading ability, oral language skills, thinking on the spot ability, and social skills too, were better in comparison to those not exposed to computer-based learning.

Computer-based learning refers to the use of apps, videos, and learning aids available digitally. A child is exposed to this content for a given period which does not cause damage.

There are several reasons why computer-based education like the ones offered by Purple Turtle – The Bright KidsProgramme, Language Learning Programmes,and Online Pre-School Programmes have much higher value-added compared to regular school.

  • Computer-based learning has different models- learn while playing a game, watching an animated story, while colouring a picture. This makes early learners with a comparatively shorter attention span learn more in lesser time.
  • A pre-school child can learn any time, anywhere at their convenience and pace. Because it is available all the time on the portal. A child need not spend too much time on what they have picked up faster than the others.
  • It develops the habit of self-learning. Self-learning is essential to excel in academics. Most learning material like the Talking Pen and Animated videos will indirectly help a child develop the confidence and interest to learn without anyone forcing them to.
  • Since everything is live, moving, and not monotonous it stimulates a child’s senses like grasping the topics thinking about them, recollecting them in real-life situations, and discussing them later on. Children have a lot of curiosity filled within them. Computer-based education ignites this curiosity and slowly instills deeper learning.
  • Ultimately the use of technology is the path to flourishing in this world. Why not teach your child at an early age the advantages and disadvantages of the internet? Computer-based education teaches them how to use a computer, its features without the need for a separate computer class.

If you observe you will notice a child as young as 3 years can use the features of a mobile phone. Why not divert this curiosity for technology by introducing them to computer-based early learning programs that are beneficial. It will open up the wonderment of learning through technology and the thrill of discovery. Parents need to understand this is all you need to provide young children along with good nutrition and a joyful environment.

Anything in correct proportion will enhance a child’s life. Similarly, those contradicting the benefits of computer-based learning for pre-school children can experiment by setting a fixed time for screen exposure and measuring the benefits.

Computer-based education prepares your child for lifelong success. Give your child a head start with these specially curated programs by Purple Turtle.

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